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Irob Advocacy Association (IAA)

የትግራይ ክልል ም/ር/መስተዳድር ዶ/ር ደብረጽዮን ገ/ሚካኤል መግለጫ ክፍል 2፣ ሀምሌ 12/2012 ዓ.ም

Egypt vs. Ethiopia over the Nile?

Will Egypt strike Ethiopia ? (about geopolitics) – Patrice d’Arras ( October 1, 2017)

ግብጻውያንም ተሯሯጡ ኢትዮጵያ እንዳትለማ፣
ይልቅስ እንድትለወጥ ወደ ጦርነት አውድማ፣

ገንዘባቸውን እያፈሰሱ በጎሳነት ጦርነት እንድትደማ፤
በእርስበርስ ፍጂትም ሀገሪቷ በሬሳ ብቻ እንድትገማ፣
ፍላጎታቸው ነው እንድትበታተን ኢትዮጵያ እማማ፣
ሕዝቦችዋን በማተራመስ አንዱ ካንዱ እንዳይስማማ
በዓለምም እንዳይኖራት የሠለጠነ ኃይልና ግርማ
እነሱ ምኞታቸው ሀገራቸው ከአባይ ውኃ እንዳትጠማ።

Ethiopian News: የአርሲ ዞኑ ብሄር-ተኮር ጥቃት ቪኦኤ እንደዘገበው(VOA)

TMH’s presentations on current upheavals in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s PM accuses dissidents of taking up arms in unrest (AP)

Ethiopia’s PM accuses dissidents of taking up arms in unrest

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Ethiopia’s prime minister on Friday said dissidents he recently extended an offer of peace have “taken up arms” in revolt against the government in a week of deadly unrest that followed the killing of a popular singer.

Those who participate “in the destruction of the nation cannot be considered guardians of the nation,” Abiy Ahmed said.

Police earlier this week told the state broadcaster more than 80 people were killed following the shooting death on Monday of Hachalu Hundessa, a prominent voice in anti-government protests that led to Abiy coming to power in 2018. The military has been deployed, and hundreds of cars this week were burned or damaged in the tense capital, Addis Ababa.

Pope Francis appoints apostolic visitor for Ethiopian Catholics in US and Canada (CNA)

.- Pope Francis appointed an apostolic visitor Thursday for Ethiopian Catholics in the United States and Canada.

The pope named Fr. Tesfaye Woldemariam Fesuh, a priest of the Archdiocese of Addis Ababa, July 2 as an apostolic visitor of Ge’ez Rite Catholics in the two countries.

Does the United Nations Know What Abuse Is Taking Place in Arab Countries Against African Migrants?

DW TV አማርኛ ዜና ሰዓት 1፡30 ድምፂ ወያነ

United States Is Hit With Corona-virus and Violent Demonstrations

TMH Interviews Seyoum Berhe on Being Refugees and Their Legal Status

Irob News Update (ኢሮብ ዋረ’)

Security and Justice for Tigreans in Ethiopia (SJTE) – ድሕንነትን ፍትሕን ንትግራዎት ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ (ድፍትኢ)

Security and Justice for Tigreans in Ethiopia

Security and Justice for Tigreans in Ethiopia (SJTE) – ድሕንነትን ፍትሕን ንትግራዎት ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ (ድፍትኢ)

ኢሮብ ዋረ’ 22-08-2012 ኢ.ሎ

Prof. Lumbumaba’s Short Speech on African Leaders

ኢቲቪ አማርኛ ዜና

Easter Celebration at the Holy Saviour Cathedral of Adigrat Eparchy

Ethiopian Easter Celebration

Image may contain: one or more people and text

#HOLYSHROUD2020 – ENG – Contemplation before the Holy Shroud

The Shroud of Turin: A Modern Miracle

The Shroud and the jew by Ted

ATV: Critical Conditions of Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia (Tigrigna)

Live from WHO Headquarters – coronavirus – COVID-19 daily press briefing

DW ዜና ምስዮት ሰዓት 12:30 ድምፂ ወያነ



Tigrai COVID-19 Awareness & Prevention Fund


ኮሮና ቫይረስ በተለያዩ ከፍተኛ ትምህርት ቤቶች የተላለፉ መመሪያዎች ዙሪያ የቀረበ ውይይት (EBC)

ዜና ትግርኛ ምሸት

NEWS DW TV ዜና ሰዓት 6፡30 ድምፂ ወያነ


NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 19th, 2020

ማይ ግድብ ገረብ ግባ ቀዳማይ ምዕራፍ ተዛዚሙ ንምረቃ በጺሑ

NEWS DW TV ዜና ምስዮት ሰዓት 12:30 ድምፂ ወያነ

TMH’s Interview on Coronavirus Endemic

Tigray TV News Updates

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