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News from Irob

Breaking News from Dawhan!

Dear all Irob Fellow’s,

I am delighted to inform you 2014 top 60 star students award program organized in Dawhan!

On July 10, 2014 IDA-ISESP called for assembly in Dawhan from seven irob tabias. Purpose of this assembly was to give recognition and awards to 60 top scoring students from grad 5-12 of Irob district. Parents, teachers, Irob woreda Education office workers, Ato.Taddesse Hagos ( Irob wereda chairman) and (cabinet) were participated very eagerly and actively.

IDA-ISESP was participated by the following its members:
Mr. Hagos Tsegay( Board director of IDA)
Mr. Hawku Reda ( IDA-ISESP Coordinator)
Mr. Asfaw Hadgu (IDA-ISESP Cashier)
Mr. Seyoum Yohannes(IDA-ISESP Communication Officer)

The Program was organized by IDA-ISESP collaborating with Irob woreda education office on the occasion which annually took place at the end of ever scholastic year. After welcoming speech of stage leader, Mr. Hagos Tsegay was invited to stage to brief the overall objectives and impact of awards adding with activity done by IDA-ISESP in2013/2014. It was really amazing. He added, current situation of Irob Diasporas by saying they are united ever than before. They are working day and night to support their home back brothers and sisters. Now they need only our togetherness and being member of this great development effort. Besides, Ato Hawku Reda (IDA-ISESP Coordinator) invited all stakeholders to work together to bring Excellency in education in Irob wereda as it was before. And he congratulated for the great support so far made by Diasporas on the behalf of the IDA-ISESP locally.

Then after, award giving ceremony was followed. Sixty stars were honorably awarded 600 birr each and clamped for them. As usual the award was given or deposited in their bank accounts. For those new awarded it was opened new accounts. On this occasion I would like to call everybody to lift it up it’s efforts to support

IDA-ISESP to realize our common vision. Please do not hesitate to communicate if you have any questions and comments. Official report will be soon available to you all.

Seyoum Yohannes
IDA-ISESP Communication officer



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