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Press Release is pleased to announce that its site has migrated from the temporary hosting with to the effective July 2012. WP web application has more potentials for a better communication with the global communities for various purposes.

It’s the’s wish and motive that this blog site will encourage all fellow Irobs in Ethiopia and in Diaspora to participate in providing updated information and news on issues affecting the Irob people: such as poverty reduction, eradication of poverty from the Woreda; improving education, development, and healthcare for the inhabitants: as well as focusing on youth migration problems to foreign countries in search of economic survivals (pointing out to their causes and solutions).

All Irobs around the world are seriously invited and challenged to engage themselves (like other fellow Ethiopians or other peoples in the world do) in the matters and issues affecting particularly the Irob people in the homeland as well as in Diaspora in objective and candid manners in order to benefit the people at homeland and abroad and to educate the visitors and readers of this site on the general and particular needs of their people in.

As it is well known, many educated and student Irobs are hiding behind the so called “Facebook” pages wasting their precious time while a lot of good and productive things they could do by getting involved collectively and unitedly for the common good of their people at home and abroad.

All Irobs with the Internet access and writing skills in English as well as with articles in the languages they feel comfortable with by submitting through PDF for posting on this blog site.  Video and photographic news or activities of programs related to education, development or health in the Irobland are very much welcome and encouraged to submit.

We look forward for your committed participation and helpful advice!

July 11, 2012


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