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Propaganda of Extrimism

Which one is better: the peaceful historical co-existence of Christians and Muslims in Ethiopia or a mutual destruction that we have been witnessing in many Arab countries? Watch the following erroneous propaganda and dangerous indoctrination by an Egyptian Imam to the Ethiopian Muslims in the United States!

“The end justifies the means!” Wrong!!! How can the evil means justify the good end? No way that the evil means of hate and killing and taking away innocent people’s lives (in the name of God or Allah) in order to achieve own religious goals (as some jihadists claim) can be justified before the Creator who is absolute love and goodness! Only for the Evil one (Devil/Satan), who is the Prince of evil and destruction, the evil means can be justified to achieve, not the good end, but the evil end or goal, erroneously understood by some as a good end! In fact, for some people, there might be a great danger of worshiping and serving the wrong god confusing with the Right One! Because the Good Creator/God cannot be a contradiction of being good and evil, light and darkness; because evil is the absence of good, and darkness is the absence of light! Especially, for Christians God is only positive entity: He is Love, Light, and the Highest Good “Sommo Bene” in his all Essence.  Therefore, all humans need to co-exist on the planet Earth peacefully and harmlessly as they had been created by one Creator, who is all good and love and who provides for and sustains all with equal care and kindness and mercy!! T.M.B.
Is this what the Egyptian Imam wishing to happen in Ethiopia? Mutual massacre and destruction of Christian churches? God forbid!!!





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