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War-Crime in Tigray


UN says food aid in Ethiopia’s war-torn Tigray region will run out Friday as 400,000 people face famine (CNN)


The Tigray War and Regional Implications – Volume 1


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Is it true all the accusations and allegations of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali, against the Tigrayan military members of Ethiopia’s Federal Defense Forces? It is so shameful and dangerous speech to hear from PM because such kind of allegations and accusations against an ethnic group could definitely instigate incurable ethnic hostility and bloodshed among the ethnically various peoples of Ethiopia! Listen carefully to the following video posted by Amhara TV and make your own conscientious judgment and conclusion! The speech of accusations and blame sounds like those anti-Semitic, Hitlerian speeches against the minority Jews of history that are now being repeated in Ethiopia against the minority of the Tigray ethnic people from where the Tigrayan military of the Federal Forces of Ethiopia comes from: Simply history repeats itself! 

Aggression Against Tigrai by Abiy Ahmed (


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