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Disclaimer & Terms of Use of IRROB.ORG

Please note that the Irob Relief and Rehabilitation Operations Brotherhood (IRROB) website may display and provide variety of links to other sites which may contain information of interest to our visitors. These links may include such as news links, educational links, health and HIV/AIDS related links, religion related links, social justice and human rights related links, famine and hunger related links, NGOs related links, businesses related advertising links, community and government related services links, etc.

By visiting and using this Web site, you may understand and agree that IRROB can be neither responsible nor liable for views, or accuracy of the information contained on other linked sites. In other words, it takes no responisbility for the reliability of information provided on their sites or for the dependability or availability of goods/merchandise advertised through our site. IRROB does not have any control over such sites and information resources and does not endorse any particular site or sites.

Therefore, you acknowledge and agree that IRROB is not responsible or liable for any damage or loss caused directly or indirectly in connection with receiving information, news, products, or other materials or services through any such site or sites accessed from the IRROB Web site.

Views expressed in the Articles and News media on this and various site links do not and may not reflect the opinions of IRROB, and by no means IRROB Website can be responsible or liable for their contents or accuracy of information. The authors of the articles or news are solely  responsible for their contents reliability.

Please also note that any services provided to you on and through IRROB.ORG are being provided on an “AS IS” basis. You agree that the IRROB.ORG exclusively reserve the right and may, at any time and without notice and any liability to you, modify or discontinue this website and its services or delete the data or the ads or the information posted on it, whether temporarily or permanently. IRROB.ORG shall have no responsibility or liability for the timeliness, deletion, failure to store, inaccuracy, or improper delivery of any data or information which will be accessed via this website


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