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Prisoners of War

What kind of brutality and inhumanity is taking place with Abiy Ahmed's Government of Ethiopia that slaughters POW with such cruelties and atrocities as seen in the following pictures. IRROB website is posting these horrendous photos of brutalities that are being repeatedly committed against Tigrayans so that the world may see and condemn it and take action against Abiy Ahmed's Government that does NOT know how to treat prisoners of war with proper human dignity and human rights in accordance with the international laws. We hope that the United Nations and all concerned nations of the world strongly and unanimously condemn such horrific brutality against the Tigryan prisoners of war by the Ethiopian Military! 

The following short videos show instead how the civilized Tigrayan Defense Forces treat with dignity and humanity the POWs who surrendered peacefully!


Captive Ethiopian army soldiers get their water ration in a prison in the outskirts of Mekelle, the capital of Tigray region, Ethiopia [File: Giulia Paravicini/Reuters]

Captured Ethiopian government soldiers reach Tigray capital – in pictures (The Guardian)





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