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Ethiopia : Nations, Nationalities and People’s Day 2016 in Harar

Mekelle University Collaboration with World Experts on Planetary Science (AigaTube)

The Tigray Regional State Parliament Nominates Six Intellectuals to Its Cabinet Positions (Source: EBC)

Why Egypt and Eritrea Want to Mess Up Ethiopia? Watch the following video in Amharic (by Ben)

Pope Francis celebrates the Holy Mass at the closing of the Jubilee Year of Mercy

Letter to Egyptians: Ben from EthiopiaFirst

The Irob Radio Program Interviews Abba Abraha Hagos, The ADA’s General Secretary, Regarding The Developmental & Education-Related Activities of the Adigrat Diocese In the Erob Woreda and Other Areas (in Saho Language)

Who Is The Controversial Donald Trump Who Won The Presidential Election In The United States? – His Biography In Video Documentary!

President Obama speaks on Trump presidential victory (PBS News)

Donald Trump Wins Presidency in the United States: Victory Speech 11/8/16

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