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The President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump, visits the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis

W.H.O. Elects Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Of Ethiopia As The First Director General From Africa

IRROB.Org congratulates Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on his election as the First Director General of WHO from Africa and wishes him all the success during his tenure as an international important figure to lead the World Health Organization. expresses its joy for Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (whom the Irob people consider as one partially descendant of the Irob tribe) on his election for a such prestigious and important international office.

Pope Francis in Fatima, Portugal, for 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima’s Apparitions

Mama Hagosa’s Biography

ወላዲትና ሐጎሳ አንካብ አቦኤን ወልደጊዮርግስ ደበሳይን አኖኤን ማና ሐየሎምን ብ24 ጥሪ 1906 ዓ.ም. አብ አራዕዋየን ተወልዳ፡፡ ክርስትና ከአ አብ ዓሊተና ልዳታ ማርያም ቤተ ክርስቲያን ብአባ ቪንስንስዮስ ብ16 የካቲት 1906 ዓ. ም. ተቀበላ፡፡ ክርስትና ስመን ወለተማርያም ይባሃል ነበረ፡፡ ክርስትና እኖኤን እናቴ ፍስሐ ፍሡሕ አራዕዋየን ነበራ፡፡ (For more, CLICK HERE!)
ወ/ሮ ሐጎሳ ወልደጊዮርግስ ከአባታቸው ከአቶ ወልደጊዮርግስ ደበሳይና ወ/ሮ ማና ሐየሎም በጥር 24 ቀን 1906 ዓ. ም. አራዕዋየን በተባለው መንደር በኢሮብ ወረዳ ተወለዱ፡፡ ክርስትና በልደታ ማርያም ቁመስና ቤተ ክስቲያን በአባ ቪንስንት ተነሱ፡፡ የክርስትና እናታቸው እናቴ ፍሥሐ ፍሡሕ ከአራዕዋየን  ነበሩ፡ (For more, CLICK HERE!)
Hagosa was born to her parents, Woldegiorgis Debessay and Manna Hayelom, on February 1, 1913 (Gregorian Calendar) at a hamlet known as Arawayna in the vicinity of Alitena village-town in the Irob Woreda (County) in the northeastern zone of Tigray, Ethiopia. (For more, CLICK HERE!) 

Funeral Video



Pope Francis Visits Egypt

News from Irob Development Association in Ethiopia related to Irob TVET-APICC

STVET Design Plan

Dear Irobs & Friends,

It is my pleasure to share this information until compiled report circulates to you officially.
In 2009/2017 IDA back home are making huge preparation for main events fundraising invents that is going to proceed soon. To mention few,
1. New finance documents printed and & distributed
2. Sponsorship works have been undergoing
3. Projects written to smaller once & submitted for donation
4. Continues consultative meetings conducted with stakeholders about Irob TVET-APICC
5. IDA representation at different stages ensured
6. Other IDA activates continued as usual
7. Increasing membership (currently 1,659 people soon expected to jump)

Please see examples:
Annex :1
S/n Magazine sponsorship (Organizations & Individuals) Collected Birr:
1. Angesom Alema (Zegarut Construction) 30,000.00
2. Haleminkeal Suba (contracture) 25,000.00
3. Hebrete Bank (Adigrat branch) 20,000.00
4. Berhe Halemariam (Metalwork & woodwork production) 15,000.00
5. Wegagen Bank (Adigrat branch) 10,000.00
6. Rezene Abraha (Robla construction) 10,000.00
7. Desta Suyum (mosic shop) 5,000.00
8. Tesfay Haylu (Dash Beer Distributer) 5,000.00
9. Dr.Tedros Fesha(Selam clinic Adigrat) 5,000.00
10. Chain of love 5,000.00
11. OMCA (orthodox Muslim catholic Association) 5,000.00
12. Mulat Gebremedhine (Teame Agame Restaurant Adigrat) 1,000.00
13. Ethio Lens College Adigrat 1,000.00
So far total 137,000.00

14 Note: More are coming will be part of the list soon next by week

Annex :2
S/n Contribution for IDA development activities in 2009 Collected Birr
1. Tesfay Gebremedihine (Adisabeba ) 10,000.00
2. Engineer Zenagebrial Sebhatu & his wife W/ro Abrehate kahasay Halu (Germen) 6,000.00
3. Fusuh Adhanome (Saudi Arabia) 500.00
4. Tesfalem & Berhe (non member) 100.00
Total 16,600.00

Annex: 3 (Note. To be collected)
IDA Board and Branch committee’s pledge (should be paid in two/three terms in 2009 for IDA development activities
S.n Name Birr

Board IDA:
1. Hawku Reda (IDA Board chair- man) 5,000.00
2. Hagos Tsegay (IDA Board V.chair- man) 5,000.00
3. Hulufe weldesellasie (IDA Board member) 5,000.00
4. Asegedome Berhe (IDA Board secretary) 3,000.00
5. Rufaeal Shefare(IDA Board member) 3,000.00
6. Tesfay Haylu(IDA Board member) 3,000.00
7. Maeza Debesay(IDA Board member) 2,000.00
8. Hale Tesfay(IDA Board member) 1,000.00
9. Adehanome Shefare(IDA Board member) 1,000.00
10. Fusuh Kahsay(IDA Board member) 500.00
11. Meheret coming soon (IDA Board member) –
12. Kidanemariam Shefare(IDA Manger ) 1,500.00
13. Abba Misegna Weldu (IDA Ambassador) 1,000.00
14. Artiste Fustume Weldu (IDA Metsihet Medalewie) 2,000.00
Sub Total 33,000.00

Adigrat IDA Branch:
1. Germay Zeweda (Chair- man) 3,000.00
2. Besrat Weldesellasie(V-Chair- man) 3,000.00
3. Amuru Hagos(Casher) 1,000.00
4. Tesfay Hagos(Accountant ) 1,000.00
5. Belay Asefa(Auditor)coming soon –
Sub Total 8,000.00

Dawhan IDA Branch:
1. Abebe weldegiorges(Chair- man) 600.00
2. Mesgina Alema(V-Chair- man) 600.00
3. Amaha Berhe(Casher) 600.00
4. Kebrome Tesefay(Auditor) 600.00
5. Zewdie Tesfay (Accountant ) 600.00
Sub Total 3,000.00

Addis Abeba IDA Branch:
1. Gualy Weldegiorges 5,000.00
2. Others coming soon –
Sub Total 5,000.00

Other coming soon
So far Total 49,000.00

With best regards,

Hawku Reda
IDA Board chairman

(Source: IDA Facebook)

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Kidney Disease and Its Treatment Program in Amharic

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