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Ethiopian Government is refusing some foreign business people entry to the Tigray Regional State


Tigreans are globally united and mobilized to help fight the devastating swarms of locust in Tigray, Ethiopia!


Locust devastation in Tigray, Ethiopia, and the International Communities indifference in a such crisis!


Dear {Name of the Recipient},

I am sending you this message because I cannot remain silent, give a deaf ear, and a blind eye to a horrible and distressing situation that has driven me emotional and reduced me utterly sleepless. Tigrai has fallen under a devastating and fast-spreading plague of locust swarms. This is happening on top of the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken hold every aspect of our life.

The locust swarms are extremely dangerous and can tarnish all types of human and animal food sources: crops, grasses, and trees. They have the ability to destroy many acres of crops in a short period of time.

As I am writing this message, the locust swarms are dashing the hope and ruining the livelihoods of farmers. Farmers who depend entirely on seasonal rainfall and a meager farming spot.
The people and the regional government are doing everything they can. However, the situation is beyond their control. They are desperately crying for help. There is a saying in my country that goes, “50 lemons are a burden to one but an embellishment to 50 people.” You might have a small sum of money that you can give away without harming your wallet. But collected from thousands of generous individuals like you, it can be a lifesaver for these farmers.
If you have a few minutes to spare, please watch the video linked below. It may give you a glimpse of what is going on.
Tigrai Development Association (TDA) is spearheading a fundraising effort to help out the farmers in distress and for any emergency situation. TDA was established in 1989 in Washington DC as a non-profit organization to support the development efforts in Tigrai. All your donations are tax-deductible. TDA TAX ID: 52–1666534.

Please make your donation at
I would also be much obliged if you can spread my words to as many friends, family members, neighbors, charities, organizations, etc. as you can. Let’s form a family tree. A tree that can offer the hope of life to these desperate people and their livestock.

I highly appreciate, in advance, for any amount you may donate. Without a doubt, we will prevail together.
If anyone needs further information, please contact me.

Thank you so much and may God bless you.
{Your Name}

Tigrai Online interview on 10/17/20 with the Eritrean organizer group to support Tigrai farmers.

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