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Special Irob Tv Report – ኢሮብ ዋረ’ would like to congratulate the journalists of the ኢሮብ ዋረ’ (Irob TV Program) for their professional skills of television news broadcasting in the Saho language on a weekly basis under the sponsorship of the Tigrai Mass Media. However, here at, we would like to offer some constructive criticism for the benefit of our Irob people of the Irob/Erob Woreda: First, the frequency of the program is a not adequate for one ethnic minority group, such as the Irob. Therefore, we would like to suggest that Irob Tv broadcasting program to increase from just once a week to at least bi-weekly or more. Secondly, less than or just a half-an-hour program per week is Not sufficient; so we would like to see the program in Saho should increased, at least, to 45-60 minutes! Thirdly, Irob Tv News Broadcasting Program should consider to broadcasting in Tigrinya and Amharic weekly or at least once or twice a month on the issues affecting the Erob Woreda.

Otherwise, it appears to us that Irob people’s socio-economic needs and other related issues affecting the dwellers of the Woreda/District are NOT reaching the fellow citizens of Ethiopia or the regional state of Tigray who do not understand the Saho language. We have been closely following from abroad on all issues related to or affecting the Erob Woreda/District… but we could not find any news or reports on the Irob people and their woreda (district) in the Tigrinya or Amahric or English languages either by the EBC or the Tigrai Media. Unless, all Ethiopians and the international communities know the chronic poverty problems, the socio-economic, and the geopolitical issues affecting our people of the woreda/district, the Irob people will continue to remain in isolation with their poverty neglected as always! The Woreda’s people serious concern about the territorial-integrity of their woreda (as part of Tigray State and the Federal Ethiopia) should be reported in all main languages, so that all Ethiopians and international communities are well aware of and well informed!


We believe that the Erob Woreda/District being one of the poorest woredas/districts in Ethiopia, it needs extra national and regional governments’ economic and developmental attention: Because, due to the recurring drought problem, shortage of potable-water, the lack of adequate and fertile-arable-lands, the Irob people are unable to produce sufficient food supplies in their woreda for their economic sustenance. Thus, the people of the Erob Woreda need national and international economic and developmental aid in order to overcome and get out of that persistent poverty problem! And the  Mass Media of the country should have major roles in informing and exposing the dire situations of the Woreda’s people in different languages… Otherwise, the linguistically-isolated Erob Woreda will never be able to solve its socio-economic and poverty problems on its own if the news has to be reported only in the Saho language!



Irob people’s life of hardships

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#ሰኣን #መንገዲ #ዝበፅሕ #ዘሎ #ስቅያት!

ብተስፋይ አብርሀ!

እዚ ትሪኡዎ ዘለኹም ተረግርገን ዘለዋ ናይ ህዝቢ መጓዓዝያ ካብ ማእከል ወረዳ ኢሮብ ከተማ ዳውሓን ህዝቢ ኣሳፊረን ንዓዲግራት ንዕዳጋን ካልእ ዋንኑን ዝጓዓዙ ተጉዓዝቲ ሕዘን ኣብዚ እትሪኡዎ ዘለኹም ካብ ወረዳ ኢሮብ ናብ ጉለመካዳ ወረዳ ጣቢያ ሰበያ ፍሉይ ቦታ ሰስሓይቶ ከባቢ ከምቲ እትርኡዎ ዘለኹም ንሰዓታት ተረግርገን ይርከባ።

እንታይ ዓይነት ስቃይ ከምዝኾነ ንምዕዛብ ቀሊል እዩ። ተጉዓዝቲ ተጉላእልኦም ሰብ ንብረት ንብረቶም ንሓደጋ ተሳጥሑ ኩሉ ኣብ ስቃይ ይርከብ። እዚ ከባቢ ካብዛ ንሪኣ ካብ ዘለና መንገዲ ወፃኢ ምንም ተለዋጢ መንገዲ የብላን። ከምታ ኣብ ታሕቲ ኣብቲ ፍቶ ከም እንሪኦ ዘለና ካብቲን ናብቲን መንገዲ ንሰዓታት መዓልታዊ ይዕፆ። እቲ ዘሕዝንን ዘፍርሕን ድማ ንግዚኡ እውን ይኹን ፅገና እናገበረ ሓገዝ ዝህብ የለን። ክትሓስቦ ከለኻ ብጣዕሚ ዘሰክፍ እዩ። በዚ ሰዓት ኣምቡላንስ ብጣዕሚ ብብርቱዕ ዝሓመመ ሕሙም ወይ ድማ ሪፈር ዝተብሓለት ብህፁፅ ክትበፅሕ ዝግበኣ ወላድ ሕዛ እንተትመፅእ እቲ ክበፅሕ ዝኽእል ሓደጋ ንማንም ግልፂ እዩ። ሰብ ንብረት ድማ እዚ ንብረቶም ንሓደጋ ኣሳጢሑ ንኽሳራ ዝዳሪጎም ዘሎ መንገዲ ብምርኣይ ተኣዝዞም እንተዘይኾይኑ ኣብዚ ከባቢ ክሰርሑ ክሰርሑ ኣይተባበዑን።

ስለዚህ ካብ ዓዲግራት ናብ ወረዳ ኢሮብ ናይ #ኣስፋልት #መንገዲ የድሊ እልና ክነእዊ ከለና ንሃልኪ ዘይኮነስ እዚ ክንዲ ግዛዕ ዝኸውን ዝፈጠጠ ሓደጋ ኣብ ግምት ኣእቲና እምበር ህርፋን ጥርዓንን ኣውያትን ስለዘና ኣይኮነን።
#ሰኣን #መንገዲ #ዝበፅሕ #ዘሎ #ስቅያት! ኣብዚ ከባቢ ናይዝምልከቶ እኹል ትኩረት ዝተነፍገ ህፁፅ ፍታሕ እንተዘይረኽቡ ከቢድ ቅልውላው ከምዘስዕብ ኣይንጠራጠር። (Source: Facebook)

What a shame to Ethiopia that receives billions of dollars in foreign aid every year for the economic development and poverty reduction of the country! This is what it looks the main road that connects the Erob Woreda/District to Adigrat. The Erob/Irob Woreda dwellers have been repeatedly begging for years for improved roads, that is, paved roads with asphalt for their District; but no one would heed their petitions or give priority to their desperate needs for improved roads and transportation system for their safer traveling and better living conditions and economic growth like other parts or districts of the country.

Imagine what could happen in emergency situations: for instance, when ambulances have to transport critically sick patients needing immediate surgeries in qualified hospital facilities in major cities or women in labors needing surgical interventions have to be taken to hospitals in Adigrat or Mekelle, and when those transportation vehicles are stocked in muddy roads like the buses above?  SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!!!

Special Report of Irob Tv on Drowned Irob Youth (ኢሮብ ዋረ’)

Irob Tv News reported the Memorial Service held in Adgadi-Are of the Erob Woreda/District (located in Northeastern Tigray, Ethiopia) in remembrance of the 16 Irob youth perished at the Mediterranean Sea on July 25th while attempting to cross to Europe misled by the ruthless human traffickers. Some of the people attended the Memorial Service expressed their desperation and helplessness as well strong anger against the human traffickers who always mislead the youth to migrate to foreign countries with false promises of better life to their own monetary gains while exposing them to serious dangers of inhumane treatments in the Sahara deserts and to the danger of drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

As could be seen in the video in Saho language, some of those interviewed expressed with deep sentiments and strong emotions their frustrations blaming their local and regional state authorities for allowing the human traffickers to continue repeatedly mislead their children exposing them to such tragic loss of lives and for failing to stop them while the authorities know well their evil and illegal operations in the local, state and national levels.

Here at the, we would like to express our deepest sympathy to all the families who tragically lost their children and to all the Irob people globally affected by this terrible tragedy. We pray that God may grant eternal rest and peace to all those young people lost their lives!

Image may contain: one or more people, ocean, text, water and outdoorAnd on this saddest and tragic occasion, we strongly appeal to and call upon the Ethiopian Federal Government and the Regional State Government of Tigray to take strong actions against the human traffickers and hold them responsible for all the losses of lives of the young people caused to this day in the whole country! Such ongoing human tragedies MUST STOP!!!

Last week, 16 young Irob teenagers and some in their 20s became the latest victims. There were no bodies recovered and families held memorials with nothing to bury…”

The Reporter, 10 August 2019

By Samuel Getachew

Tigrai Mass Media Agency News Updates

ኢሮብ ዋረ’ 02-12-2011ኢ.ሎ

Irob People Mourn for the Loss of Their Youth

ናይ ሐዘን መግለጺ
ካብ ኢሮብ ዲያስፖራ ግሎባል ኮሚቴ

ስደተኛታት ዝጸዓነት ጃልባ ኣብ ማእከላይ ባሕሪ

ኣጠቓሊልካ እንትረአ ኢትዮጵያዊያን መናእሰይ ሃገሮም ሓዲጎም እግሮም ናብዝመርሖም ምስዳድ እንካብ ዝጅምሩ ብርክት ዝበለ እዋናት ዘቑጸረ እኳ እንተኾነ ዝግበኦ ኣቓልቦ ክረክብ ዘይምኽኣሉ ርኡይን ግሁድን ሓቂ ምዃኑ ማንም ዝስሕቶ ኣይኮነን። ቅድም ክብል መናእሰያትና ቀይሕ ባሕርን ውቅያኖስ ህንዲን እናቋረጹ ኣወዳትን ኣዋልድን ብዘይፈሊ ናብ ሃገራት ኣዕራብ እዮም ዝስደዱ ነይሮም። ኣብ ሞንጎ እዙይ ብዝተፈላለይ ጊዜ ዝሳፈሩለን ጀልባታት እናጠሓላ ብዙሓት ወገናትና ቀለብ ፍጡራት ባሕሪ ኮይኖም ብምትራፎም ወለዲ ብሥነ ሥርዓት ሬሳ ውላዶም ተረኪቦም ናይ ምቕባር ዕድል ዘይምርካቦም ጥራሕ ዘይኮነስ መወቲ’ውን ሓመድ ኣዳም/ዓዶም ክለብሱ ኣይከኣሉን። 

እንካቡ ቀጺሉ ናብ ሃገረ እስራኤል ንምእታው እዙ ኹሉ በረኻታት እናቋረጹ ኣብ ምድረበዳ ሲናይ ኣደዳ ብመልክዕ ሰብ ዝተፈጠሩ ባህሪያት እንስሳ ዘገዳም ዝተላበሱ ኣራዊታት ዝኾኑ ብዙሓት እዮም። እንካብኡ ቀጺሉ ናብ ደቡብ ኣፍሪቃ ንምኻድ ኣብ ዱራት ማእኸላይ ኣፍሪቃ ዝተረፉ ገዛ ይቑጸሮም። 

ዲሕሪ እዙ ኹሉ ከዓ ናብ ሃገረ ኤውሮጳ ንምስጋር እንካብ ሱዳን ጀሚሩ ክሳብ ሰሜናዊ ሊቢያ ደረት ባሕሪ መዲተራኒያን ዝብጻሕ ዘሎ ሃል ሃል ዝብል ሓዊ ሰሃራ ንምቁራጽ ብሰኣን ዝስተ ማይ፣ ብሃሩር ሰሃራ፣ ብጥሜትን ድኻምን ኣብ በረኻ ዝተረፉ ወገናትና መናእሰይ ቁጽሪ የብሉን። መንገዲ ኣብ ሳሃራ ከምቀሊል ገይሩ ዝርእዮ ከምዝህሉ ዘጠራጥር ኣይመስልን። ምኽንያቱ ከዓ፣ እዙኹሉ መንእሰይና ንቱ ኹነታት ዝተረደኦ እንተዝኸውን ንዙ መንገዲ ምሓሰቦ ነይሩ ንምባል ዝከኣል ኣይመስልን። እዙይ እናፈለጠ መንገዲ ሰሃራ ኪኸይድ እየ ኢሉ ዝሓሰብ ጢዒና ዘለዎ መንእሰይ ይነብር እዩ ኢልካ ምግማት ፍጹም ከብድ እዩ።

 ዝርከበሉ ቦታ ዝፈልጥ መራሒ እንተዘየሊዩካ ብዓይኒ ዝረአ ማይ ዝበሃል የለን። እቱ ዋና እዙ ኹሉ መንእሰይ ዘቋርጾ ዝሰፍሐ በረኻ ሳሃራ ኣብ ሊቢያ ዝርከብ እንትኸውን፣ ድሕሪ ምውጋድ መንግሥቲ ሙዓመር ጋዳፊ እታ ሃገር ንስሙ ምዕራባዊያን ኣፍልጦ ዝሃብዎ ብስም መንግሥቲ እንካብታ ሪእሰ ኸታማ ሃገር ዝኾነት ትሪፖሊ ወጻኢ ዝቆጻጸሮ ቦታ የብሉን። ነጭለባሳትን ናይ ቀደም ሰበ ሥልጣናትን ቁቁሸቶም ሒዞም ዝጣፈኡላ ዘለዉ ሃገር ኮይና እያ ተሪፋ። ሕግን ሥርዓትን ዝበሃል ፈራሪሱ እዩ።

 ህይወት ኣብ ኢዲ እቱ ዘሎኻሉ ከባቢ ዝቆጻጸር ሓያል እያ። ብዙ ምኽንያት’ውን እዩ ቁጽሪ ዘይብሉ መንእሰይ ኣፍሪቃ ኣብ በረኻ ሳሃራ ዝተረፈን ዝተርፍ ዘሎን። መናእሰያትና ግን ንቱ ህይወቱ ተቐዚፉ ኣብ ሑጻ ሳሃራ ዝተረፈ ዘይኮነ ዝሪኢ ዘሎ፣ ንቱ ዕደል ኣጋጢሙዎ ተዓዊቱ ኣብቱ ክበጽሖ ዝሓሰቦ ንዝበጸሐ እዩ ኾይኑ። ብምዃኑ ከዓ፣ ቐዳማይ ዕድመ ንእስነቱ ዘይጸገበ ክንደይ ውልቃውን ሃገራውን ሕልሚ ዝነበሮ መንእሰይ ሂወቱ ብኸንቱ ይጠፍእ ኣሎ። ካልኣይ ሃገርና ማእለያ ዘይብሉ ንሃገር ዝሃንጽ መንእሰይ ሲኢና ጠዋሪ ዘይብሎ ሽማግለታትን ሕጻናትን ሓቚፋ እያ እትቐሪ ዘላ። እዙይ እንትንብል እዞም መናእሰይ እዚኦም ኣብ በብዝኸድዎ እንካብ ዘጋጥሞም መዕገቲ ንምውጻእን ህይወቶም ንምውሓስን ክብሉ ወለዲ ዝኸፍልዎ ገንዘብን ዝኣትውዎ ዕዳን እንካብ ግምት ወጻኢ ብምግባር እዩ።

እዙይ ኩሉ ንኣዋርሕ ተጓዒዝካ ኣብ ሽበረኻ ሳሃራ ተወዲኡ ኣብ ገማግም ባሕሪ መዲተራኒያን ምስተበጽሐ ንዘይፈልጦ እቱ ዝኸፍአ ከምዝተሓለፈ ክቑጸር ንቡር እዩ። ይኹን እምበር፣ እቱ ዝስዕብ ምቊራጽ ባሕሪ መዲተራኒያን እቱ ዝኸፍአን ፈታንን ምዃኑ ኣብዞም ዝሓልፉ ዓመታት ብጋህዲ ተራእዩ ተመስኪሩ እዩ። ኣብቱ መጀመርያታት መንግሥታት ኤውሮጳ ሰብ ኣብ ባሕሪ ጢሒሉ ክመውት የብሉን ብምባል ዝመጻደቑሉ ዝነበሩ ቃል ብላዕሊ ናይ ይምሰል ዘረባውን ገዲፎምዎስ ምልሻታት ይኹኑ ወታደራት ሊቢያ ሰብ ከየሕልፉ ኣብ ባሕሪ ዝርከቡ እንተሊዮም’ውን ሊቢያ ክመልስዎም ባጀት መዲቦም የንቀሳቕስዎም ይርከቡ።

ኣብ ሞንጎ እዙይ እዩ እምበኣር በሓምለ 25-2019 ዓ ም ፈ እንካብ ሊቢያ ናብ ሰለስተ ሚኢቲ ሰባት ሒዘን ዘተልዓላ ኣናእሽቶይ ጀልባታት እንካብ ደረት ሊቢያ ተላዒለን ንሰለስተ ሰዓታት ምስተጓዓዘ ተገልቢጠን ናብ 150 ዝግመት መንእሰይ ኣብ ባሕሪ ጢሒሉ ዝተወደአ።

ኣብዙ መቕዘፍቲ እዙይ እዩ እምባኣር ቁጽሮም ገና ኣብ ምጽራይ ዝርከብ ልዕሊ 17 መናእሰይ ጎይዮም ዘይጸገቡ ደቂ ኢሮብ ሃሊቖም። ብመቕዘፍቲ እዞም መናእሰይ ዝተሰመዐና መሪር ሓዘን ብስም ኣብ ዳያስፖራ ዝርከቡ ተወለድቲ ኢሮብ እንትንገልጽ ንወለድን ቤተ ሰብን እዞም መናእሰይ ሓዘኖም ሓዘና፣ ብኽያቶም ብኽያትና፣ ጓሂኦም ጓሂና ምዃኑ እንካብ ልቢ ብምእማን እዩ። ስለዝኾነ’ውን ንዝተፈለዩና መንግሥተ-ሰማያት ንኹሎም ቤተ ሰብን ንሙሉእ ህዝቢ ኢሮብ፣ ከማኡ እውን ደቆምን ኣሕዋቶምን ንዝሓለቕዎም ካልኦት ኢትዮጵያውያንን ኤርትራውያንን ምጽንናዕ ንምነ!

እንካብዙይ ብዝተረፈ ንኽልላዊ መንግሥት ትግራይ፣ ንውድብ ህወሓት፣ ንመራሕቲ ሃይማኖትን ሽማግለታት ዓዲን እዙ ብተደጋጋሚ እንርእዮ ዘለና ህልቀት ዝዕገተሉ መንገዲ ንኽዕገት ሎሚ ጽባሕ እንተይበሉ ክሰርሑሉ ንጽውዕ!

ንመናእሰይ ኢሮብን መናእሰይ ካልኦት ኢትዮጵያን እንካብዙ ብብጊዜኡ ዘጋጥም ዘሎ ሂልቂት ትምህርቲ ክወስዱን፣ ጸገም ዝሓልፍ ዕድመን ጢዕናን ምስዝህልወኩም ምዃኑን ብምርዳእ፣ እንካብዙ ናይ ሂልቂት መንገዲ ንኽትርሕቑ ንጽውዕ!

ንገንዘብ ክትብሉ ብህይወት ደቂ ሰባት እትጻወቱ ዘሎኹም ደለልቲ ሰብ ኣብ ህዝብና ዘብጻሕኩምዎ ስቓይን መከራን፣ ሞትን ሓዘንን፣ ከቢድ እዩ።

 ይኣክል! እዛ ጊዘ ምስሓለፈት እንኳይዶ ተናሲሕኩም ተነስሂኩም’ውን ኣብ ዘይትውጽእዎ ጸገማት ከምዘሎኹም ክትፈልጡን እንካዙ እኲይ ተግባርኩም ክትቁጠቡን ኣጥቢቕና ነተሓሳስብ! 

ነሓሰ 2011 ዓ ም ግእዝ  

Image may contain: fire and night

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