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Irob Woreda Vocational Technical Major Project Is Underway (Source: IDA)

The Irob Woreda Special Technical and Vocational Education Training and Agro Processing Industrial Cluster Center Project Has Been Officially Launched! (Source: IDA or Website:

Ethio-Djibouti Railway Inauguration (Source: EBC News)


Pope Francis Celebrates Christmas Midnight Mass in the Vatican City

4,000 Ethiopian Detainees Were Released After Three-Month Correctional Training (Source: EBC News)

Ethiopia: Gilgel Gibe III Dam’s Inauguration (Source: EBC)

Irob Radio Program Discusses Various Irob-Related Issues (Saho)

Ethiopia : Nations, Nationalities and People’s Day 2016 in Harar

Mekelle University Collaboration with World Experts on Planetary Science (AigaTube)

The Tigray Regional State Parliament Nominates Six Intellectuals to Its Cabinet Positions (Source: EBC)

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