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Irob people rally in Mekelle for their own cause


Irob Protesters Staging A Rally

Irob Protesters Staging A Rally In Adigrat Against Algier’s Agreement Of Border Demarcation And The EPDRF’s Decision To Give Away Parts of Erob Woreda As A Peace Deal With Eritrea!

Irob people oppose EPRDF’s decision and Algiers Agreement

Irob Woreda(County) in Tigray

Irob people are adamant in opposing the splitting of the Irob Woreda(County) into two countries: Eritrea and Ethiopia! If the desired lasting peace between the two feuding countries has to be meaningfully attained and materialized, first and foremost, the voice of the affected people like in the Erob Woreda and elsewhere MUST be heard and their political rights respected; and the inhabitants of the land need to be consulted on their political will and destiny through an internationally supervised referendum! Otherwise, it would be an injustice to force people against their will just because they are the minority tribes or less important!

Concerned and Upset International Irob Communities at Home and Abroad Are Meeting and Mobilizing

Image may contain: one or more people and crowdIrob people is seen here conducting an emergency meeting in Adigrat City on the new development affecting them and their Erob woreda

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and crowdIrob people was convened for an emergency meeting at Dawhan Town in Irob Woreda to discuss their geopolitical fate that is threatening their existence and integrity!


Irobs must watch this!

All Irobs And Other Affected Peoples Must Carefully Watch This ETV-Report… Because It Makes It Very Clear The EPDRF’s Agenda Of Compromising On the Ethio-Eritrean Border Area Territories Including The Irobland And Its Inhabitants Without Any Consultation Or Referendum Of Those Minority Ethnics – Such As The Irob People – Just For The Mere National Interest And For the Peril Of the Voiceless and Defenseless Border Area Peoples, Like The Irob!

Irob People Votes Against EPDRF’s Deal on Irob

Image may contain: 7 people, people standing and crowd
Irob people voted unanimously “NO!!!” to the defunct Algier’s Agreement of Border Demarcation and to the recent EPDRF’s Deal of Peace with Eritrea compromising on the Irobland and its inhabitants to be split between two countries!


Voiceless Irob people protest for the integrity of their Woreda and Its Population!

Let Ethiopia And The Whole World Hear The Angry Voice Of The Irob People Protesting And Rallying For Justice And Against The EPDRF’s Bargain of Parts Of Their Woreda (County) Along With Their Irob-Inhabitants For An Illusory Hope Of Peace Deal With Neighboring Eritrea Without Even Showing The Good Will Of Solving First The Case Of Those Disappeared Irob Abductees By That Country!

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Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, mountain, outdoor and nature


Algier’s Commission is responsible in the case of Irob!

Erob (Irob) Woreda (County) Map in Northeastern Tigray, Ethiopia

Irob people reacts against EPDRF’s decision!

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Image may contain: 4 people, crowd and outdoor

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