Savagery against Ethiopians

Savagery against Ethiopians:  Shame on you Saudis and Khalid bin Sultan

Tecola W. Hagos

If anyone doubts the subhuman status of Saudis, the events of three days ago, which is still in process, leaves no rooms for such doubts. The Saudi Government sanctioned brutality against Ethiopians, irrespective of their visa status, is barbaric and beyond any legal justification. I watched a video of four or five uniformed Saudi men in army fatigue brutally attacking two Ethiopians in separate events in what seems to be a garage. There was no provocation or resistance from the Ethiopians they were just simply brutally attacked dashed on a concrete floor, even being pulverized with a mounted tire and possibly murdered. What is the point in such barbarity?  I ask the abominable subhuman Saudis to explain their barbaric and murderous acts.

By contrast during that same period when Saudis and their savage Government were brutalizing defenseless Ethiopians, The Jerusalem Post by coincidence was championing the rights of immigrants (Ethiopian-Israelis) for equal treatment and urging all Israelis to live in harmony with the people that are not from within the community. Israel too has as many illegal immigrants in ratio to its population as Saudi Arabia and other Arab States, but Israel as a people will never act in such subhuman manner as the Saudis, for Jews are a moral people unlike Saudis whose moral content is no better than that of an amoeba. What a contrast between a civilized people like Israelis and a savage and barbaric people like the Saudis.

Of course, we must read the subtext in all this sudden unprecedented level of violence against a helpless group of people by Saudis and their Government. It is to be recalled a few months back the so called “Prince” more appropriately Pantagruel Khalid bin Sultan was raving and ranting about Ethiopia being a threat to Egypt because of the construction of the Great Renaissance Dam. I believe it is this same group of individuals that are behind the present brutality of the Saudi Government. The father of Khalid is Sultan bin Abdul Aziz one of the Seven brothers from the same mother, who is now dead,  who was known for his corruption and unstable violent mind. His sons have inherited that characteristics and are feared and also mistrusted by the rest of the family members of the founder of the dynasty King Abdul Aziz Saud, the real Gargantuan. The present King Abdulla is from a different mother than Sultan and his six brothers. We must see the Sultan branch of the Saudi Dynasty as being rabid and particularly hostile to Ethiopia. We must also recognize the fact that there is power struggle going on right now within the Saud Family between King Abdulla and the Khalid bin Sultan group.

We Ethiopians are at war. I urge Ethiopians to drop this illusion that Saudis or other Arabs are our friends. No one in that deranged oil socked filthy area is our friend. The Saudis never contributed to human civilization. Most of the inhabitants of what is now called Saudi Arabia were just scavengers and desert dwellers involved in small time trade supported often with looting and robbery when they could on travelers who happen to be crossing the Negev Desert. It is the Ottoman Turks who brought to the area some order and a shadow of civilization before they were expelled as part of the Wests check on Ottomans domination in that part of the world. No wonder the Saudis are still savages and barbarians even though they may be driving around in Ferraris or flying in luxury jet liners. None of that is their work product, but the windfall petrodollar, for the sale of oil pumped from fields they claim to be theirs. Even that is done by foreigners. In fact, as far as Ethiopia is a target, things will get worse, for the next step the Arabs will try to cripple Ethiopia’s economic growth. All the scheme is to put pressure on the Ethiopian Government to give up its effort to use the Blue Nile water to generate hundreds of millions of dollars of income for Ethiopia in years ahead after the Great Renaissance Dam is completed.

Right now before we do anything else, however, it is imperative that we get all of our people to come home from Saudi Arabia posthaste and from all other Gulf States soon enough. I urge that we all keep records of events from news and videos on the atrocities committed against Ethiopians by Saudis and their Government. Even more so, the Ethiopian Government ought to keep detailed records and oral testimonies from victims. Medical examination of all victims including those raped must be done as soon as possible and all evidentiary material must be saved. In fact, the Ethiopia Government should establish a high caliber task force that will be completely devoted to the task of repatriating Ethiopians immediately and taking up also the task of collecting extensive evidence of the brutality committed by Saudis on Ethiopians.

The massive transportation could be done by leasing ocean liners as well as passenger planes. We should not worry about cost at all. A year’s gold yield that easily exceed a billion dollar from our gold mines could easily cover all that. I do not think Al’Amoudi will object to that having witnessed all the atrocities committed by his Saudi friends in high places. At the same time, the Ethiopian Government must start sending high level delegations to nations around the world in order to mobilize support for the form of excruciating suffering and humiliation born by thousands of our people in the hands of barbaric Saudis and their savage Government. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the Islamic Ethiopian Conference, and all other religious organizations must participate in exposing the type of crime committed against Ethiopians by Saudis and the Saudi Government.

Right now, the most pressing life and death question is how to bring our brothers and sisters back home from Saudi Arabia. Demonstrations at Saudi Embassies around the world, even though highly appropriate, must not be our sole focus; let us do the intensive campaign through the internet posting videos of the savage beatings of Ethiopians and the life stories of those who are home already. The Ethiopian Government task is multifaceted and complex. I am not at this crisis point blaming or pointing fingers at any Ethiopian official. There will be plenty of time for that later. Instead, I urge all opposition leaders and all organizations to stand up by the side of the Ethiopian victims of Saudi brutality.

In doing so, I urge all concerned Ethiopians both in the Diaspora and at home in Ethiopia to refrain from attacking the Ethiopian Government at this point. I urge the Ethiopian Government to add manpower to the task at hand, which is monumental. It must systematically help fully all those who are repatriated. They should be promptly given accommodations in the tens of thousands available new apartments on a temporary basis. Jobs must be created around the nation to take in those that are brought home. The spirit of Ethiopiawenet must be the guiding light to all. I believe this is the opportune time to make drastic changes in the Ethiopian leadership, especially in our military command structure. Long Live Ethiopia and All of Her Beloved Children.

Tecola W. Hagos

November 13, 2013


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