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12/03/2008 Ms. D. Qualey United States $50.00
12/18/2008 The Sommer Family United States $200.00
12/18/2008 Mr. A. Lo Russo United States $200.00
12/21/2008 The Drs. Castro Family United States $500.00
12/21/2008 The Henze Family United States $100.00
12/21/2008  Ms. C. M. Fenelus United States $100.00
12/22/2008 Lettemariam & Tesfamariam United States $50.00
12/27/2008 Ms. E. G. Quivers United States $20.00
12/27/2008 Ms. E. R. Kemp United States $25.00
12/29/2008 Rev. T. Baraki United States $50.00
12/31/2008 The Dimond Family United States $100.00
01/11/2009 Ms. D.S. Deguia United States $30.00
01/09/2009 The Lloyd Family United States $25.00
01/11/2009 Ms. P. Winston United States $50.00
01/12/2009 Ms. J. B. Nelson United States $25.00
01/20/2009 Dr. C. L. Chisholm United States $25.00
01/23/2009 Ms. S. Diaz United States $80.00
01/13/2009 The Das Family United States $50.00
 02/18/2009 Dr. K. I. Austin
Donors Recognition
We are deeply grateful to the following businesses/agencies and individual donors, who showed their solidarity by their generosity in helping rebuild & rehabilitate floods victims in Ethiopia. Have your name listed with the caring generous people!

Thank you for your generosity!

Compassion And Hope: CRS in Ethiopia (May 8, 2007)

Names of Business/Agency Donors Names of Individual Donors
  • Knights of Peter Claver Inc.
    New Orleans, LA
  • Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary
    Our Lady of Guadalupe Court 110
    South Carolina, USA
  • National Coalition of Clergy and Laity
    Pennsylvania, USA
  • DBA Dorsey Bellow Associate
    Louisiana, USA
  • Fr. James J. Kelly Council Knights of Columbus
    New Jersey, USA
  • NorthStar Cruises
    Caldwell, New Jersey, USA

Mrs. Joan Higgins (USA)

Mr. Charles Chrin (USA)

Ms. Roshini M. Ponnamperuma (USA)

Prof. Ephraim Isaac (USA)

Ms. Michelle Ganpat (USA)

Ms. Nadine Surprenant & Colleagues (USA)

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Regan (USA)

Ms. Lorraine Peery Long (USA)

Mr. & Mrs. Simon P. Burke (USA)

Mr. & Mrs. James Dimond (USA)

Anonymous Donor 4 (USA)

Mr. Robert W. Murray (USA)

Mr. & Mrs. Brent D. Potteiger (USA)

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hillanbrand (USA)

Mr. James Kelly (USA)

Ms. Diane Toler (USA)

Anonymous Donor 3 (USA)

Ms. Sheila Parkhill (USA)

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory P. Lloyd (USA)

Rev. Cyprian Davis, OSB (USA)

Shewaye Hailu, RN (USA)

Claire M. Fenelus, RN (USA)

Anonymous Donor 2 (USA)

Drs. Karin & Dawit Zekiros (Denmark)

Tesfamariam Weldu (USA)

Letemariam Tesfat (USA)

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth I. Austin (USA)

Yemisserach Wossen (USA)

Anonymous Donor1 (USA)

Rev. Tesfamariam Baraki (USA)

Mr. & Mrs. Percival V. Tiglao (USA)

Prof. Donald Levine (USA)

Yared Getachew, Esq. (USA)

Mr. Steven Brown (USA)

Ms. Sharmin Diaz, RN (USA)

Ms. Carmen Galsim, RN (USA)

Mr. & Mrs. John Das (USA)

Dr. & Dr. Oswaldo Castro (USA)

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Lo Russo (USA)

Rev. Patrick J. McCaffrey (USA)

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Sommer, Jr. (USA)

Rev. Dr. Cecilin Chisholm (USA)

Mr. & Mrs. William N. MacFarlane (USA)

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