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The ugliest face of America: Racism & bigotry still alive!


EBC Documentary

Amhara & Tigray Peoples Peace Forum

Ethiopia: በመቐለ ከተማ የትግራይ እና አማራ ክልሎች የመጀመነሪያ ቀን የምክክር መድረክ ሐምሌ 14/2009ዓ.ም –




Eritrean Refugees in Tigray

EBC News: የመቀሌ ኢንደስትሪያል ፓርኩ ተመረቀ

Mekelle Industrial Park Inaugurated today?rel=0

Addis Ababa – The Capital of Ethiopia & The Headquarter of African Union

Ethiopia: AU to Erect Statue of Emperor Haile Selassie and the late PM Meles Zenawi

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