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Ethiopian Christmas

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EBC News Update

ትግራይ ቲቪ፡ ዜና ትግርኛ ምሸት

ትግራይ ቲቪ፡ ዜና ትግርኛ ምሸት

EBC Breaking News

Latest Irob TV News

New Year’s Eve fireworks celebrating 2019 around the world

Ethiopian Religious Leaders Plead for Peace in Ethiopia

Short-lived Ethio-Eritrean Relations 2018


These above videos show how the short-lived Ethio-Eritrean reconciliation & relation - that surprised the world after 20 years of bitter border-related conflicts and tensions - looked like in 2018 as it was achieved with the successful diplomatic efforts and reconciliatory spirit of the Ethipian Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed. However, back to square-one, the main routes connecting Eritrea and the northern Ethiopia (the Regional State of Tigray) were lately closed once again for an unkonw and unexplained reasons, disappointing many citizens from both sides!

ትግራይ ቲቪ፡ አማርኛ ዜና

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