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New Abductions, Killings, and Property Looting Are Taking Place by the Eritrean Forces in the Erob/Irob Woreda of Tigray

New Territorial Occupations, Civilian Abductions, Killings, and Property Lootings Are Taking Place Once Again By The Eritrean Forces In The Erob/Irob Woreda of Tigray, Ethiopia. The Irob People Appeal That The United Nations Take Immediate Action And Stop Such Kind Of Illegal Land-Occupation, Human Rights Violation, And Ethnic Cleansing Targeting The Irob Minority Ethnic Group!

Confirmed news:

Isayas’s army is engaged in murdering and looting at Aiga, Dawhan and Alitena and other places in Irob. They killed the guard who worked for a technical school that was just finished built by a close friend after looting everything in there. They also abducted many people from Irob again. It has to be remembered that they took 100 people from Irob in 1998 and never returned them or gave a closure about their fate. How much does Tigray have to bleed at the hands of these fascists! (Source: Dade Desta FB)

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