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 IDA (Irob Development Association) Diaspora Branches’ follow-up Teleconference Call  for all Irobs around the globe on March 16th, 2014 at 1:00 pm Washington DC time.

 We want to discuss about the continuation of community Association process and creating unity towards helping our poor society in the Irob-land. The committee will report its progress and future plans with all Irobs. We also want input ideas that can contribute and strengthen our unity to help our people at home.

The committee encourages every Irob’s participation to stand together for one goal for the sake of our poor Irob people at home as well as for the unity of ourselves abroad.

Please be on time (30 minutes earlier if possible) to start on time and finish on time. We all know time is valuable for everyone, let’s make good use of it. The conference will take three hours (from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm). Let’s implement time management.

United States and Canada     559 726 1300

England                   03306060515

Italy                       +390110920917

Belgium               042441083

Sweden              0812410712

Norway            +4721930645

Holland           0635205050

Australia         0386720105

Denmark       +4578772183

Germany        0691200650760

Kenya             0205231048

Slovakia       +421233663306

Israel            0765990022

Access code for all these toll free number will be 661043#


IDA Diaspora Branches Committee

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