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Irob Wereda Project Proposal On Special Technical and Vocational Education & Training and AgroProcessing Industrial Cluster Center (STVET-APICC) In Irob Wereda of Eastern, Tigray, Ethiopia Proposal Developed With Malty- Stakeholders Consultation (IDA, METEC, ECC-SDCOAd & Irob Wereda Administration)


IDA 2008 Report



ናይ ሰለስተ ዓምት ገዛኣይ ትልሚ ማሕበር ልማዓት ኢሮብ

ዋዕላ ፈስቲቫል ወረዳ ኢሮብ – 2006

ደንቢ ማሕበር ልምዓት ኢሮብ

ኣመሰራርታ ማሕበር ልምዓት ኢሮብ

ናይ መጀመሪያ ዓመት ፕሮግራም ትምህርቲን ስኮላርሽፕን ተጠቀምቲ

ናይ ካልኣይ ዓመት ፕሮግራም ትምህርቲን ስኮላርሽፕን ተጠቀምቲ

The Irob Development Association

Irob Scholarship and Educational Support Program


 Yearly Progress Report for the year 2012(2004E.c) 

Adigrat /July 2012


1 Background Introduction

1.1 The Irob Development Association

IDA stands for  Irob Development Association. It is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit association established to help the rehabilitation and sustainable development of the Irob ethnic minority inNorthern Ethiopia- eastern zone of Tigray. It was officially established with the approval of the Tigray Regional Government of Ethiopia on August 2003 in Mekelle, the capital of Tigray. It is an initiative taken by Irob citizens in Mekelle city after realizing the severe deterioration of livelihood of the Irob people at home in the country side followed by the devastating Ethio-Eritrean war and harsh environmental degradation challenging their agriculture-led livelihood. The association is established with ambitious plan of embarking on various interventions. However, due to lack of capacity, it could not aggressively realize its ambitions. Therefore, the Irob Scholarship and Educational Support Program (ISESP) is in line with the dream of the association through its long-term impact in Irob society. Therefore, it is a revitalizing addition to it. 

1.2 Irob Scholarship and Educational Support Program (ISESP)

The Scholarship and Educational support program is decentralized/semi autonomous initiative within IDA (Irob Development Association). It has its stirring committee, its local or administering committee and working guidelines, working plans and fund-raising strategy. It is specially tailored to address the Irob Educational sector which is in a sorry state of performance and therefore failing the generation. Despite its independence, the program will work as integral part of the IDA in principle and it enjoys all the benefits it can get from it since it is legally part and parcel of IDA. Setting it on its own with relatively new approach within the organization is in appreciation of its urgency and long-term benefit for our people.

The program has committee whose members are in different parts of the world andEthiopia. This committee will give direction and create the necessary unity and commitment among Irobs all over the world while searching different opportunity for success of this program. The local committee which includes some members of the committee who may be available locally will have other persons from Irob who might be able to mobilize resources plus administer the resources. However, they are expected to discharge their duties and responsibilities with strict adherence to laid guidelines and in close consultation with the stirring committee. The appointed persons will serve for free unless the all members of the board decides otherwise depending on the resources available and nature of task they may be assigned to do at certain point in time. Therefore, in clear terms, these people are expected to give their free service to the community through serving in this program. The term of their work shall be three years. 

2. General and specific objectives of the ISESP  

2. 1 General Objective

  • It is to promote and support educational excellence and advancement of Irobs at different levels and combat poverty.

2.2 Specific objectives

  • To motivate outstanding students in different Irob schools at different levels, in universities, primary, junior and secondary schools, by giving them books, financial support, or other things depending on the ability of the program and in so doing create competition and motivation among schools to increase academic excellence and orientation.
  • To support needy Irob university students (students joined public universities) but unable to cover their travel expenses, stationary needs, hygiene facilities. The support will also be given to extremely needy high school students who are either obliged to peruse their studies away from their families or though they are with their families if such families are needy themselves.   This support may be in the form of finance or materially.

3. Yearly planed activities Vs achievement of the program

3.1 In primary and secondary high schools

  • Focusing on grade 5-12 the program planed to motivate learning appetite of students, through giving recognition to competent candidates who stood 1st -3rd in their class and have average points strictly above 90 points. The plan the program articulated was to give 60 (top sixty) students rewards (1 dictionary, 12 exercise books, and 48 pens that was expected to help for one year for school materials), roughly this costs 598.00 Birr. Based up on the needs in the ground and requests from the administration and education office the program also planned to financially support 20 needy students with 2,000.00Birr. This financial support was expected to help them to cover their house rent during school time.
  • Accordingly top 60 students and   20 needy students received the financial support according to the plan. For this propose   75,880.00 Birr was utilized. 

3.2 Scholarship for undergraduate programs level

  • The program planed to motivate learning appetite of irob students in public universities in ethiopia on regular programs through giving recognition and monthly financial support to competent candidates. Accordingly this year plan will accommodate ten (10) top students attending their studies in universities in 1st degree level and similarly to encourage girls/ female students; in this year 2012 five (5) top female students attending their studies in universities in 1st degree level will get monthly 300.00Birr financial support. The transfer of money will be directly to their individual bank account. Note: A probability for top female students to get two rewards at the same time is possible (Which is one of the ten top and one from five top female students). This was planed
  • Regarding the scholarship for undergraduate levels, it is on the process of selecting 15 top students across the public universities in the country. Therefore as soon as all the tasks accomplished it will be reported to the public. For this propose 54,000.00Birr is expected to be utilized in the coming months. So due to this fact that the grade reports are not in our hands, it was not possible to implement it in time. We hope to obtain their results in few weeks time.


Planed budget Vs Expenditure  for ISESP in 2012/2004E.c


Expenditure/bank transfer to beneficiaries to their saving account   





Unit Price

Total Cost

Total Cost


Purchase of Materials          
  Dictionary(yearly 1 dictionary/Student) Number



    15,000.00     15,000.00
  Exercise Books (yearly 12 Exercise books/student) Dozen



    10,800.00     10,800.00
  Pen (yearly 48 pens/student) Number



    10,080.00     10,080.00


Financial support to University Students          
  Ten top University students Number



    36,000.00 Not yet 
  Five top female university students Number



    18,000.00 Not yet 


Financial support to high school students          
  Yearly financial support( for house rent and Suntory material support in Dawhan and Alitena) Number



    40,000.00     40,000.00
 4  Total         129,880.00   75,880.00

Note: So far Budget utilization rate is 58.42%

4 Methodologies employed during implementation and participants

4.1 Methodologies

  • Irob wereda Education office with Administration of the district selected junior secondary and high school top scoring students providing full address. For needy students It was don with Social affairs and student school parliament
  • Awareness raising campaign was conducted by the district officials, IDA-ISESP technical support team and concerned community elders.
  • Rewarding occasion was facilitated and arranged by wereda Education office in Dawhan high school
  • Beneficiary list with their photo captured to be posted to see if there is any compliant in the process by the wereda administration and IDA-ISESP
  • All beneficiary students opened personal bank accounts in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia at the wereda capital Dawhan. An account was opened for them.
  • The money transferred to each bank account by the IDA-ISESP technical support team and the selected students were handed the bankbooks.

4.2 Participants and their views:

  • The occasion was arranged on May 6, 2012 at Dawhan high School and the participants were Wereda Administration office, Wereda Education office, students and Parents, representative of University students, Irob development Association and Irob Scholarship and Education Support Program and Adigrat ISESP technical support team , public media . 
  • Ato Hagos Tsegay wereda administration head and IDA chairman gave an overview of the Wereda education service and its quality before and in current time. He underlined the need of this kind of efforts to be intensified to improve and restore our earlier performance in education as the Irob people. Farther he congratulated the 60 top students being the pride of the community and kindly requested them to keep it up. 
  • The aim and future plan of IDA-ISESP was explained by program coordinator Ato Hulluf W/silassie and other participants from IDA and the ISESP technical support team members from Adigrat. Ato Hulluf W. extended his appreciation and thanks to all contributors of this program- particularly to those irobs living abroad who effortlessly mobilized their resources. 
  • Some came to stage and figuratively indicated that the new hope is blowing, our brothers and sisters have not abandoned us! Time has come for “Irob’s to walk shoulder to shoulder with the rest of people in the world through this program”. Many people really expressed their thanks to those who working for this program from near and far. Participates also appreciated the implementation modalities and opening bank accounts to students also hoped to foster their saving habit. 
  • Students prepared a drama showing the students conspiring to go to Israel and some refusing / persisting not to go and rather to continue their education. The drama has conveyed a massage on how parents whose children went through Saini suffered.

 5. Challenges

  • Limited fund and high demand
  • Time

6. Photograph presentation of the May 6, 2012 Event



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