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Irobs & COVID-19

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Irobs COVED-19 Taskforce in DMV region

Dear Irobs in DMV region,


Dear Irobs, this is an urgent message on behalf of the Corona Pandemic Prevention Support Taskforce, DMV area team.

By now most of you might be aware that:

·          Irob COVED-19 taskforce of 6 members was establish at home. The taskforce is composed of two representatives, each from Woreda government, Irob Development Association (IDA) and Irob Advocacy Association (IAA). Its main purpose is to mobilize desperately needed resources against the pandemic to prevent it from reaching our Irobland in a first place, and God forbid, if it does to minimize the impact.

·         The Woreda government sent out a letter pleading for support with itemized needs which has been circulated in Irob social media sites.

·         A teleconference was organized on April 4, 2020, to respond to the call from home, both by Irob government and COVED-19 taskforce.

·         Accordingly, a diaspora team of 22 members was establish during the teleconference to lead and coordinate the diaspora efforts and bridge the communications with home team and diaspora community.

·         USA nominated the following six individuals to coordinate USA wide efforts.

1)      Hagos W/Giorgis

2)      Haile Berhe

3)      Tesfay Woldemariam

4)      Fisha Kahsay

5)      Seyoum Berhe

6)      Hagos Gebrai

Updates Diaspora Teleconference

·         The diaspora team conducted its first teleconference on April 11, 2020. Updates on mobilization and contribution efforts to-date were presented region by region, which was encouraging for most part.

·         USA team couldn’t make similar updates, as most of the US team didn’t participate then and the two present, were not fully aware of the efforts underway.

·         The meeting was concluded by nominating 5 members to handle the routine communications and coordination efforts between the diaspora and home teams, and scheduling a meeting for its 2nd updates on April 25, 2020.

Appeal to DMV region Irob Diaspora Community

·         We under numbers 1 to 3 above are coordinating the efforts in DMV region.

·         Hence, we kindly request everyone to do his/her best and join the global Irob diaspora community in this fight against coved pandemic, by contributing financially.

·         As this emergency requires prompt response, we are setting the deadline for the first-round contributions to Thursday, April 23, 2020; ahead of our global diaspora committee meeting on Saturday April 25, 2020.

Given the current lockdown, you may choose Zelle, checks, or in person delivery of your contribution to one of us above.


Hagos W/Giorgis

Street address:
8902 Glenville rd silver Spring Md. 20901

Cellphone: 301-257-8753

Haile Berhe
Street address:
7105 New Hampshire ave Takoma park, MD20912

Tesfay Woldemariam
Street address:
1129 Tanley Rd, Silver Spring, MD20904

Cellphone: 301-8025276

We thank you on behalf of the taskforce, and greater Irob community.
DMV team.


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