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News from Irob Development Association in Ethiopia related to Irob TVET-APICC

EBC English Evening News

ANDM -Endurance & Renewal- London NOV 2016 (Source: Ethiopian Embassy-UK )

Tigrai Tv: ወከልቲ ኣምሓራ ናብ ትግራይ መፂኦም ኣብ ጉዳይ ተጋሩ ተመዛበልቲ ጎንደር ዝገበርዎ ዘተ

Ethio-UK Relations London Oct 2016 (Ethiopian EmbassyUK)

ኢትዮጵያ ከእጃችን አምልጣለች ግብፅ (Ethiopia Prosperous)

Ethio-Somali’s in the UK defending Federalism

Tigrai Tv: ኢድ ኣእታውነት ግብፂ ኣብ ግድብ ህዳሰ ኢትዮጵያ

The following video reports are clear evidences how much Egypt is meddling in Ethiopia’s internal political affairs for her own interest in the waters of the Blue Nile. Ethiopia is not that stupid not to know her own internal and external enemies that are prepared to dismantle her history and national integrity! EGYPT, HANDS OFF ETHIOPIA!!!

“A sword shall come on Egypt, and anguish shall be in Ethiopia, when the slain shall fall in Egypt; and they shall take away her multitude, and her foundations shall be broken down…” (Ezekiel 30:4).

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Videos)

Documentary – The Longest Dam In Africa – Tekeze

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Pope Francis in Georgia – Visit to the Patriarch Ilia II


PM Netanyahu Speaks Before the Ethiopian Parliament on July 7, 2016

Ethiopia elected to serve UN Security Council – HahuDaily News

New Hawzen Martyrs’ Memorial Technical School Built (Source: TV Tigrai)

Vociferous Eritreans Demonstrate in Geneva on June 23, 2016

Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea – Press Conference (Geneva, 8 June 2016)

#EBC አዲስ አበባ እየፈካች ያለች ውብ ከተማ !…ግንቦት 13፡2008 ዓ.ም

#EBCየትምህርት ተደራሽነት እና ግንቦት 20…ግንቦት 13፡2008 ዓ.ም

#EBCገፀ – በረከት…ግንቦት 13፡2008 ዓ.ም

ምህዋር ……… የካቲት 19 2008 ዓ.ም

Selected Video News from Ethiopian Reporter TV (English)

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How the 41st Anniversary of Lekatit 11 Was Celebrated in Washington DC (USA) (Source: Birhane Abay)

Blind and hateful politics and racial/tribal bigotries of Ethiopian political movements won’t benefit Ethiopia… It would probably lead the country to another worse catastrophic political chaos and bloodshed like to the ones we had been witnessing in the neighboring Somalia and the South Sudan which had caused tremendous loss of lives and human sufferings for decades…! Ethiopia needs not ongoing wars and conflicts but rather political stability and economic and technological developments for its peoples that had suffered for so a longtime from a chronic poverty and developmental and technological backwardness!

Center for Strategic & International Studies Held Panel Discussions On Sustaining Ethiopia’s Progress in Health (Source: CSIS)

Diaspora Policy Panel – London Ethiopian Embassy 2016 (Source: Ethiopian EmbassyUK )

Tigray State Conference 2016 on Good Governance (Source: Tigrai TV)

Virtual Visit to Mekelle City, Tigray (Ethiopia) in 2015 (Source:

Two Countries One Economy

Agame Cultural Song by Sofia

Discussion on the the outcome of the National Good Governance Study – Part 1 & 2 (Source: Ethiopian Embassy Washington D.C.)

Vehicle industry flourishes in Ethiopia (Source: NTVUganda)

Ethiopian Industrial Park – Ethio-Chinese Project (Source: (UTNA.Org)

Ethiopian Development Endeavour-London 2015 (Source: Ethiopian Embassy UK)

Why Eritrea’s children are fleeing to Ethiopia?

Ethiopia in History Documentaries

Ethiopia Land of Tomorrow

Mekelle The Northern Star

Video-Music Play about Rising Mekelle

Irob-Related Videos

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STVET Design Plan

Dear Irobs & Friends,

It is my pleasure to share this information until compiled report circulates to you officially.
In 2009/2017 IDA back home are making huge preparation for main events fundraising invents that is going to proceed soon. To mention few,
1. New finance documents printed and & distributed
2. Sponsorship works have been undergoing
3. Projects written to smaller once & submitted for donation
4. Continues consultative meetings conducted with stakeholders about Irob TVET-APICC
5. IDA representation at different stages ensured
6. Other IDA activates continued as usual
7. Increasing membership (currently 1,659 people soon expected to jump)

Please see examples:
Annex :1
S/n Magazine sponsorship (Organizations & Individuals) Collected Birr:
1. Angesom Alema (Zegarut Construction) 30,000.00
2. Haleminkeal Suba (contracture) 25,000.00
3. Hebrete Bank (Adigrat branch) 20,000.00
4. Berhe Halemariam (Metalwork & woodwork production) 15,000.00
5. Wegagen Bank (Adigrat branch) 10,000.00
6. Rezene Abraha (Robla construction) 10,000.00
7. Desta Suyum (mosic shop) 5,000.00
8. Tesfay Haylu (Dash Beer Distributer) 5,000.00
9. Dr.Tedros Fesha(Selam clinic Adigrat) 5,000.00
10. Chain of love 5,000.00
11. OMCA (orthodox Muslim catholic Association) 5,000.00
12. Mulat Gebremedhine (Teame Agame Restaurant Adigrat) 1,000.00
13. Ethio Lens College Adigrat 1,000.00
So far total 137,000.00

14 Note: More are coming will be part of the list soon next by week

Annex :2
S/n Contribution for IDA development activities in 2009 Collected Birr
1. Tesfay Gebremedihine (Adisabeba ) 10,000.00
2. Engineer Zenagebrial Sebhatu & his wife W/ro Abrehate kahasay Halu (Germen) 6,000.00
3. Fusuh Adhanome (Saudi Arabia) 500.00
4. Tesfalem & Berhe (non member) 100.00
Total 16,600.00

Annex: 3 (Note. To be collected)
IDA Board and Branch committee’s pledge (should be paid in two/three terms in 2009 for IDA development activities
S.n Name Birr

Board IDA:
1. Hawku Reda (IDA Board chair- man) 5,000.00
2. Hagos Tsegay (IDA Board V.chair- man) 5,000.00
3. Hulufe weldesellasie (IDA Board member) 5,000.00
4. Asegedome Berhe (IDA Board secretary) 3,000.00
5. Rufaeal Shefare(IDA Board member) 3,000.00
6. Tesfay Haylu(IDA Board member) 3,000.00
7. Maeza Debesay(IDA Board member) 2,000.00
8. Hale Tesfay(IDA Board member) 1,000.00
9. Adehanome Shefare(IDA Board member) 1,000.00
10. Fusuh Kahsay(IDA Board member) 500.00
11. Meheret coming soon (IDA Board member) –
12. Kidanemariam Shefare(IDA Manger ) 1,500.00
13. Abba Misegna Weldu (IDA Ambassador) 1,000.00
14. Artiste Fustume Weldu (IDA Metsihet Medalewie) 2,000.00
Sub Total 33,000.00

Adigrat IDA Branch:
1. Germay Zeweda (Chair- man) 3,000.00
2. Besrat Weldesellasie(V-Chair- man) 3,000.00
3. Amuru Hagos(Casher) 1,000.00
4. Tesfay Hagos(Accountant ) 1,000.00
5. Belay Asefa(Auditor)coming soon –
Sub Total 8,000.00

Dawhan IDA Branch:
1. Abebe weldegiorges(Chair- man) 600.00
2. Mesgina Alema(V-Chair- man) 600.00
3. Amaha Berhe(Casher) 600.00
4. Kebrome Tesefay(Auditor) 600.00
5. Zewdie Tesfay (Accountant ) 600.00
Sub Total 3,000.00

Addis Abeba IDA Branch:
1. Gualy Weldegiorges 5,000.00
2. Others coming soon –
Sub Total 5,000.00

Other coming soon
So far Total 49,000.00

With best regards,

Hawku Reda
IDA Board chairman

(Source: IDA Facebook)


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