Members of Students’ Parliament from the Erob Woreda in Tigray (Ethiopia) Conduct a Very Constructive and Intelligent Discussion on the Irob Radio Program Here Below on the Education Opportunities That Is Available to Them Today in Their Own District Versus the Great Danger of Migration to Foreign Countries That Many of Their Fellow Students from the Woreda Are Taking Today in Search of Economic Survival While in the Process Risking Their Lives in the Deserts and Seas! All Irobs Who Speak Saho Must Listen To!

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On Sunday, May 24, 2015, Ethiopian voters nationwide go peacefully to the polls to elect their representatives Reports on Election Ethiopia 2015

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Rabbi Jonathan Cahn delivers a powerful, passionate, and appealing speech at UN (4/17/15) in defense of those being persecuted and perishing Christians in Africa and Asia in the hands of ISIS and similar groups like Jews in the time of Nazis.

Sadly and unfortunately, some of those beheaded Christian Ethiopians and Eritreans by ISIS in Libya were apparently refugees and migrants expelled from Israel that would not give them some sort of humanitarian safe haven, most probably due to their skin color!

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Ethiopian Jews Protest against Police Violence, Discrimination, and Racism in Tel Aviv, Israel

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For how long Christians will remain passive and silent in front of such an exploding barbaric and satanic movement that is threatening and determined to wipe out all Christians called “infidels” from the face of the earth? Do Christians have any rights to protect or defend themselves while they’re facing extermination by such an evil and fanatic apparently religious group that defiles the authentic and genuine faiths of those various peace-loving peoples of the world who embrace religious tolerance and harmonious co-existence? Didn’t Christian Ethiopians in the past give refuge to Muslims who fled from Arabia during the prophet Mohammed time to escape persecutions and killings? Why these fanatic Muslims have to persecute and execute poor Christian Ethiopians or Eritreans or other Africans who are fleeing their countries for some political or economic reasons? Why the world is remaining indifferent or silent in the face of such brutal and barbaric and satanic terrorism? Christians must wake up or face extinction!!!

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The leaders of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia signed an initial accord on mutual water rights to the Nile River, removing another obstacle to Ethiopia’s massive Grand Renaissance Dam (WPR).

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn after signing an agreement on sharing water from the Nile River, Khartoum, Sudan, March 23, 2015 (AP photo by Abd Raouf).

(Source: World Politics Review)

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The Ethiopian Community in UK commit themselves to support the ongoing construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia (WPR).

(Source: Ethiopian Embassy UK)

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Pope Francis elevates 20 new Cardinals including His Eminence Abune Berhaneyesus Demirew Souraphiel of Ethiopia at St. Peter Basilica in the Vatican

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Pope Francis Names 15 New Cardinals Among Whom Is the Metropolitan Archbishop of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Abune Berhaneyesus Demirew Souraphiel.


Archbishop Berhaneyesus Demerew, Pope Francis and Bishops of Eritrea and Ethiopia in May 2014: Photo Vatican RadioArchbishop Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel, Pope Francis and Bishops of Eritrea and Ethiopia in May 2014: Photo Vatican Radio congratulates Abune Berhaneyesus for being elevated as the Second Cardinal of Ethiopia after the late Cardinal Paulos Tsadua!

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Rev. Abba Kevin O’Mahoney, Missionary of Africa and professor of Theology at the Catholic Major Seminary of Adigrat and author of many books, passes away in Adigrat, Tigray, Ethiopia.


Dear All,

May Christ’s Love and Peace be with you.It is with deep sadness that we are to inform you, that our dear Father Rev. Abba Kevin O’Mahoney, Missionary of Africa, has suddenly left us to our Heavenly Father on at the last hour on the 3rd of January 2015 (25 Tahsas 2007 EC).  We, the people of Ethiopia in General and of Tigray in particular, specially the Catholic Eparchy of Adigrat and the Ethiopian Catholic Church, unite with you to thank the almighty God for the gift of Fr Kevin, 

We count on his prayers from heaven to continue his work and his dedication to the Church of Ethiopia.  Tomorrow, 5th January 2015 (27 Tahsas 2007 EC) there will be “Fethat” prayer and Requiem Mass at 6:00 AM at the Holy Saviour catherdral of Adigrat, and the funeral service at mid-day of the same day in Adirgat.

May he rest in Peace!

From the Missionaries of Africa and the Eparchy of Adigrat

+Abune Tesfaselassie Medhin

  Eparch of Adirgat

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